We are a destination management company based in Nairobi, Kenya, with over 50 years experience in organising safaris and beach holidays to East Africa and Indian Ocean for visitors from all over the world: Archers is a destination management company which boasts of over 50 years of experience.

We specialize in organizing safaris and beach holidays within the landscapes of the African continent, Specifically in East Africa and the Indian Ocean. Our team is equipped to satisfy the travel needs of visitors from all over the world.

Our talent is a result of an accumulation of past experience, our aim to tailor travels to individual requests and personas, and an ability to be both flexible and efficient in our travel programmes.

Share the magic of Africa with us with by experiencing a safari in Kenya and Tanzania to exclusive luxury camps or lodges in wildlife sanctuaries, and by shimmering lakes along the rift valley floor.

Africa provides many opportunities… you can:

Enjoy the underwater world of lagoons off Zanzibar island or,

Take an island-hopping holiday in the Seychelles or,

Indulge in water sports in Mauritius, an island surrounded with coral reef and turquoise waters, with activities such as deep sea fishing, surfing, windsurfing, water-skiing, and cruising in yachts.

With us the choice is yours… all you have to do is make one.

'So you want to know what the Africa bug is? Well it can't be explained, it's a feeling not an expression.' Francesco Stame, 79. Nairobi, Kenya

‘The Africa bug’ is a term, or rather a consequence, that escapes the confinements of a concrete medical encyclopedia entry. Tourists, locals and expatriates that have had the privilege to step on the exotic grounds of Africa have coined its abstract meaning.

According to the founder of Archers group Francesco Stame, Italian entrepreneur who has lived in Kenya for the last 61 years, its unstable nature derives from the fact that it is an experience far too subjective and personal to be reduced to a simple list of symptoms. The African experience essentially entails a relationship with the tranquility of the open spaces, the colours of a local market, the wildlife, and the rhythm of a word exchange between natives. Although all these sensations can be captured within a moving picture, Francesco Stame sustains that in order to be fully accountable to be diagnosed with the Africa bug, a simple safari is not enough. He draws dividing lines between victims: ‘even a person who stays two days can appreciate that Africa is different, that Africa is unique. However, only a few have the privilege to say that they have truly synchronized with the essence of Africa’. Necessary environmental conditions that make one vulnerable to this ‘disease’ include: a respectful relationship with the locals, an appreciation for natural beauty, full day-to-day integration with cultural values, and finally ‘the perfect travel agent, or rather, a travel agency which you can both trust and rely on’.

The Africa bug is a condition that can take a few days have effect, and once it does, it can last a lifetime. If you let us, Archers can make sure you become fully aware with the term: the Africa bug.