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Mauritius is an island nation situated on the south western side of the Indian Ocean.
The epitome of Indian Ocean paradise, Mauritius is an island of pristine sea beaches and a well stocked marine life that are an object of fascination for the majority of tourists. Spend your time lazing around on the beaches or if you are the type of the person who craves adventure, indulge in the various water sport activities that this beautiful island has to offer.

The warm crystal clear waters of the lagoons and white sandy beaches are ideal for any water sport activities such as sailing, diving, snorkelling and deep-sea fishing. Snorkelling and scuba diving will provide the perfect opportunity for guests to marvel at the rich marine life of Mauritius with its amazing coral reefs that are home to splendid multicoloured fishes. Also, with record catches of blue and black Marlins, sharks and other marine fauna, Deep sea fishing in Mauritius has its own special charm.